Tooling Design & Fabrication

Within our world class tool design department, our team, of experienced tool designers, engineers, and fabricators, designs and builds both prototype and production tooling for injection molding presses up to 1,600 tons. These tools are used for in-house production, but we also build tools for export. These tools can be commissioned for in-house injection molding at one of our environmentally-controlled injection molding facilities or may be exported to a customer’s designated location.

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Precision Tooling Fabrication

All of our tools are fabricated in our CNC milling center which features our advanced Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) equipment and Wire-Cutting Machines which is precise to within 1/1000 mm.

Our fleet of highly advanced precision tooling machines ensures efficiency with respect to both time and resources, providing quicker lead times and high quality, cost-effective tooling capable of supporting the various lifecycles of the products produced.

The Providence Approach to Toolmaking

Analysis High quality tools begin with expert design. Our skilled engineering staff thoroughly evaluates and analyzes OEM drawings and CAD models, with an eye toward optimizing the performance, manufacturability, price per part, cycle time, production volume, and part reliability. That’s how we achieve manufacturability by design.

Simulation By using simulation software (including Mold Flow), we simulate the performance of our tooling design. Not only can we identify and test potential fixes for common molding problems (such as molded-in stress, overpacking, sink marks, burn marks, and warping), but we can also dial in the best parameters, tolerances, and materials for reliable results.

Precision Machining Once the tooling design has been finalized via software, it is then fabricated in our world-class on-site machine shop.

Process Control After the tool is made, we confirm that all the critical dimensions are within spec and the surface finishes exactly match the design requirements. We then make parts from the tool and use automated coordinate measurement machines (CMMs) to measure and record detailed dimensional data. That data is then fed into our rigorous statistical process control (SPC) system, ensuring low scrap rates and reducing production headaches for our customers throughout the production lifetime of the part.

Experienced Engineers. Expertise in all the major CAD/CAM applications. Excellence in new and enhanced precision tools.

At Providence, we build much more than tooling. We build a solid foundation of success for our OEM clients. Prototypes or production, plastic or rubber, we are the trusted contract manufacturer of global brands.

Our expansive tooling offerings include:
  • Hot Runner Systems

  • Unscrewing Molds

  • Insert Molds

  • Over-molding Molds
  • Metal Injection Molds

  • Die Casting Molds

  • Compression Molds, including Rubber Compression Molds

  • Transfer Molds, including Rubber Transfer Molds

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Prototype Mold Builds – Less Than 2 Weeks

  • Production Mold Builds – 4 to 12 Weeks

  • Design and Simulation

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Quality at Providence

At Providence, quality is achieved through the processes we put in place, the personnel we hire and retain, and a culture of perseverance that drives us to become an industry-leading, high quality, contract manufacturer.

Quality starts with embracing solid quality management systems (exemplified by our ISO 9001) and a commitment to information security management (exemplified by our ISO 27001). Our current ISO 13485 certification, FDA and NMPA (formerly CFDA) registrations position us as a world-class supplier of medical and personal care products, and since we are also IATF 16949 and VDA 6.4 certified, the global automotive market is also clearly in focus.

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