Leverage Key Suppliers for Consolidation

Market trends are driving significant consolidation within the medical device industry. OEMs are collaborating with suppliers that can provide solutions for multiple steps in the supply chain thereby: Freeing up capital Reduce workload Increasing quality control Improving lead times What’s driving this consolidation? Medical device OEMs are under [...]

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The Basics of Stepper Motor Control

The Basics of Stepper Motor Control Due to their durability, reliability, efficiency and availability in standardized sizes and mounting options, stepper motors are widely used in industrial automation, robotics, and new niche consumer products like desktop 3D printers. In this article, we’ll talk about the basics of how [...]

A Rundown of Runners

A Rundown of Runners Before molten resin can fill the part cavity, it must first wind its way from the sprue (the inlet of the mold) to the gate(s). In between those two end points, the molten resin is distributed through channels, called the runner system. Think of [...]

Overlooked Thermal Considerations for PCBAs

Overlooked Thermal Considerations for PCBAs Although we immediately think of electronics when printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) are mentioned, good PCBA design is in fact a multidisciplinary endeavor spanning electrical, mechanical, and even chemical engineering. However, one area where technology companies can run into trouble with PCBA designs, [...]

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