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High Quality at Providence

At Providence, quality is achieved through the processes we put in place, the personnel we hire and retain, and a culture of perseverance that drives us to become an industry-leading, high quality, contract manufacturer.

Quality starts with embracing solid quality systems, starting with ISO 9001. Our current ISO 13485 certification, FDA and NMPA (formerly CFDA) registrations position us as a world-class supplier of medical and personal care products, and since we are also IATF 16949 and VDA 6.4 certified, the global automotive market is also clearly in focus.

Certifications, however, are  about more than reaching markets. Our ISO 14971 certification helps to demonstrate our commitment to risk management and is integrated within our company’s DNA, while our ISO 14001 certification exemplifies our support for environmental controls and sustainability.  Our goal is to promote and deliver on principles that align those of our customers and that is why we work with leaders in their industries. If quality starts with adopting the right systems, then it is maintained by constantly applying the most effective tools. This is why we utilize quality tools and methods including 7S, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), and Six Sigma strategies.

Each product and component made at Providence undergoes strict quality control at all stages of manufacturing. This includes using high-speed measurement instruments to ensure consistent and high quality production. For each item, the process FMEA of critical features dictates the inspections performed at the in-process and semi-finished assembly stages. Final testing can include 100% inspection. Every inspection and test is done with goal of Zero Defects.

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Corporate Responsibility, Awards, and Certifications

For many years, Providence Enterprise has been an active participant in hosting Corporate study missions, Executive and Undergraduate University tours of our facilities, as well as participating in various philanthropic events. As one of the founding members of the Hong Kong Medical Device Association, Providence Enterprise has also actively participated in many world-renowned associations, including the Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Association, the Hong Kong Aviation Industry Association, and the Hong Kong Mould and Product Technology Association. Leading through action is one of our key principles and that leadership gets recognized. For example, we are a proud recipient of the “Operation Excellence Award” from the Hong Kong Mould and Die Council, which is committed to acknowledging exceptional performance in mold and die manufacturing.

That leadership has also helped us on our quest in earning the following certifications:

Why Quality is Our Competitive Edge

For over 25 years, the quality of products produced by Providence Enterprise has been second to none.  Our focus on quality is intentional and it is considered at every step of the manufacturing process.  Beyond the product production, quality is a mind-set and it is a core part of how we operate the company.  Regardless of the industry served or the products manufactured, quality is part of our manufacturing excellence and it is essential to what we do every day.

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