Manufacturing Excellence Through Engineering Expertise

With extensive expertise in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, our more than 200 Engineers complement and supplement the Engineering requirements of our diverse global clientele. Our talented, in-house Engineering staff are well-educated and highly experienced in converting products from drawing and driving them through production to delivery in less time, cost-effectively, and at higher levels of quality. Often times, we provide a more competitive solution than what our customers may achieve by producing themselves.

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Beyond Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Given the scope and varying complexity of products supported over the years, Providence excels in Design for Manufacturing.  Our internal DFM process allows us to bring a perspective unique to the manufacturing process and significantly increase the opportunities to reduce cost, improve production efficiency, and reduce potential risks.  However, our service offering extends beyond Design for Manufacturing.

At Providence, we take a holistic approach when Designing a product for Excellence (X).  Other areas as part of DFX to be considered include:

  • Design for Cost – focused on cost optimization of the product as well as the manufacturing process

  • Design for Reliability – developing specifications that ensure product reliability

  • Design for Safety – ensuring proper material utilization and product safety

  • Design for Standardization – standardizing parts and product consolidation

  • Design to Testing – aligning product test methods with product requirements

  • Design for Future – building on future oriented technologies and incorporating them into next generation products

Trusted by Global OEMs

Not only do our customers count on us to ensure their success, they also trust us to protect their intellectual property (IP). OEMs trust us with sensitive designs and information, even the total documentation package for the product. It’s that hard-earned trust which allows us to analyze and optimize product designs from the screws to the subassemblies to the subsystems to the top-level drawing.

We are building on that foundation of trust as we received our ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System) certification, combining trust with transparency and verifiable information safeguards.

Engineering Expertise

From product structure design to Internet of Things, our engineering expertise is diverse.

  • Product Structure Design

  • Fluid Management

  • Pumps & Motors

  • MEMS Technology

  • Piezo Vibration

  • pH Sensing

  • Battery Management

  • Atomization

  • Light Therapy

  • Photon Therapy

  • Infrared

  • TENS Technology

  • Heat Technology

  • Body Sensors

  • Touch Screen

  • Internet of Things

  • WiFi

  • ZigBee

  • Bluetooth

  • Embedded Solutions

  • App Development

Our Mechanical Engineering support includes:
  • Product structure design

  • Fine tune industrial design

  • Mechanical failure analysis

  • Working with highly engineered plastics

Our Electrical Engineering support includes:
  • PCBA design for rigid & flexible boards

  • EMI testing

  • Bluetooth, WiFi & motion detection system

Our Software Engineering support includes:
  • Software design w/ programming languages C, VB, Pascal, Assembly languages, Android/IOS apps & RTOS software

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Quality at Providence

At Providence, quality is achieved through the processes we put in place, the personnel we hire and retain, and a culture of perseverance that drives us to become an industry-leading, high quality, contract manufacturer.

Quality starts with embracing solid quality management systems (exemplified by our ISO 9001) and a commitment to information security management (exemplified by our ISO 27001). Our current ISO 13485 certification, FDA and NMPA (formerly CFDA) registrations position us as a world-class supplier of medical and personal care products, and since we are also IATF 16949 and VDA 6.4 certified, the global automotive market is also clearly in focus.

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