What’s it like to work with Providence on your medical device?

We’ve compiled the most important questions to show you the benefits of partnering with Providence.

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What type of projects do you typically work on?
Providence specializes in product development and contract manufacturing of Class I & II Medical Devices and Personal Care Products.

We are FDA QSR & 13485 compliant and have well-maintained Class 7 & 8 Cleanrooms. Our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities enable us to work closely with our partners to ensure production is flexible, scalable, and yields high-performance results.

Can you give me an example of some product categories and specific products you have helped create?

Oral Care: Electric Toothbrushes, Electric Flossers, Disposables, Accessories
Respiratory: Nebulizers, Ventilators, CPAPs & BiPAPs, Oxygen Concentrators, Anesthesia Equipment, Disposables
Drug Delivery: Infusion Pumps, Drug Delivery Pumps, Pharmaceutical Drug Delivery, E-Vapor Devices
Diagnostics: Disposables, Testers, Cardiac Monitors, Blood Collection, Accessories
Light-Based Devices: Hair Growth, Hair Removal, Skincare, Environment Control
Personal Health: TENS Units, Skin Beautification, Cellulite Reduction

How do you maintain a high-degree of quality?
We collect data throughout the manufacturing process to monitor for issues and performance. Such data includes: Test Data, Batch Data via RFID or Barcode, Networked production lines, collect data on injection molding systems.

We have cameras set up to watch the entire process, especially for key areas which include molding, soldering, and assembly.

How soon can issues be detected, and corrected? Immediately! The constant supervision of the process allows us to act quickly, helping to preserve the timeline and budget.

What’s your rejection rate? Less than 500 defective parts per million; This results in producing very little scrap material and reducing costs.

How big are the batches that you test? We follow ISO and AQL standards.

We collect data throughout the manufacturing process to monitor for issues and performance. Such data includes: Test Data, Batch Data via RFID or Barcode, Networked Production Lines, and Injection Molding efficiency.

How can you help us control our costs?
Design transfer: How ready is your design for manufacturing? Some designs require more preparation for manufacturing than others. Rest assure, we guide you through this process as seamlessly as possible.

Materials and design preferences: Some companies and products require very specific materials and designs; Whereas others have a focus on performance, regardless of how it looks or what it’s made out of. Sometimes, using alternative materials, and adjusting the specific design, can help reduce your cost-per-product, without jeopardizing its performance.

Component technicality: Some products feature multiple systems that must work together. If your manufacturer is not accustomed to connecting multiple system together, the process can be challenging. Not to mention, you might still end up with a product that doesn’t work or is prohibitively expensive. Complexity does not intimidate us and electromechanical manufacturing is our specialty. We help our customers determine the most cost-effective way to bring their products to market, at scale, without jeopardizing performance.

Timeline: We have organized ourselves to be nimble. While your budget might not be as nimble, we can work with you to determine the best approach to render your compressed timeline a non-issue. For tight deadlines, we do offer an expedited approach which allows us to have multiple aspects of your project working in parallel, such as tooling, molding, SMT, and ordering materials simultaneously.

Volume and inventory: This is one of the hardest decisions many businesses have to make. You can lower your costs by ordering more, but how soon will all the units sell, and where do you store the influx in the meantime? Luckily, we have ways of helping our partners manage this process with safety stock, risk buys, and even expedited production. We can produce more units for you within two weeks if the materials are on-hand.

Ability to customize your manufacturing process: To automate, or not to automate, that is the question. Believe it or not, but it is possible to over- automate your manufacturing process.  This could result in project delays and added costs.  Conversely, a fully manual process doesn’t often work either, as it’s hard to maintain quality consistency, and costs can add up here as well. We help all our partners determine the correct amount of automation so that they don’t have to choose between quality consistency, speed of manufacturing, or their costs.

Testing efficiency and quality management: Mistakes cost money.  This is why we have a rigorous process to test quickly and on a small scale. Our monitoring systems allow us to detect and immediately correct issues throughout the manufacturing process. This leads to an incredibly low failure rate of 0.05% which means your budget is utilized in the most efficient way possible.

Can you share some examples of key problems you solve for your customers?
You can view a few case studies by clicking here.
Do you require companies of a certain size to work with you?
Our mid-market size has positioned us perfectly to remain nimble for companies big and small, without jeopardizing our ability to deliver quality products consistently, scale to incredibly high-volume outputs, or impede our ability to help you control your costs.
With your different locations, how do you manage language barriers?
Different countries involve not only different languages, but different cultures. Sometimes it is not enough to simply have a translator. You need someone who can relate to the other organizations culture, to better understand the language. We have native representatives that can communicate with our clients regardless of where their locations may be. Our most common communication exchange is in English.

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If your product has a pump or motor in it, Providence is the right global manufacturing partner.

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