Product Development & Contract Manufacturing of Industrial Motors, Pumps, and Systems

OEMs in the industrial and agricultural markets need exceptional product design and development, and a strong manufacturer to help them differentiate in these extremely competitive markets. As a vertically integrated contract manufacturer of durable, high-performance components and systems, Providence provides the solutions these OEMs and their customers can rely on for a trusted, sustainable partner.

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Single-Source Manufacturing Solutions

For demanding applications, OEMs turn to Providence. We possess the broad knowledge and experience in the injection molding of durable, high-strength, engineering-grade polymers utilized in the most challenging of environments.

Providence also specializes in the design and manufacture of liquid and pneumatic pumps, valves, and integrated fluidics systems. With an internal pump design team and experience in the production of diaphragm, piston, rotary vane, linear, rolling diaphragm pumps, we can satisfy a variety of industrial pump needs. Our expertise extends to chemical dispensing pumps and meters as well.

Fractional horsepower motor assembly is another area of our expertise, which is why industrial and agricultural OEMs can turn to us for powering their pumps, compressors, fans, actuators, and other electro-mechanical assemblies. We have dedicated engineering and production staff for motor design and assembly, enabling us to handle the full gamut of motor types, including permanent magnet synchronous, inductive asynchronous, permanent magnet DC, shaded pole, and coreless motors. No matter the output power, speed, torque or size, Providence can keep your industrial products moving.

With our software and electronics design department, Providence remains at the leading edge of industrial electronics. From motor control and drive systems to industrial automation and connectivity via Zigbee, Bluetooth, and WiFi, we bring Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for industry and agriculture to market faster than competing contract manufacturers.

Only Providence matches these core capabilities with end-to-end integration into final products. We deliver the turnkey industrial solutions OEMs need to stay innovative and competitive.

Our Capabilities

Our cross-disciplinary team of engineers can perform comprehensive DFX of all mechanical and electro-mechanical parts and systems.

For Industry and Agriculture OEMs, Providence offers a complete portfolio of product development and manufacturing-related capabilities including tool building, injection molding, material selection & procurement, surface mounting, finished goods assembly, inspection, packaging, testing, and overall supply chain management.

For OEMs looking to break into or expand their share of the market, Providence brings advanced fluid control and pump design knowledge. We manufacture over 200 models of pumps and more than 50 models of electric motors.

Our facilities feature extensive testing and inspection methods. These include leak and flow, electrical function and continuity, durability, gear measurement, environmental temperature and humidity testing.

From design to delivery, Providence is ready to take on your next contract manufacturing project.

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Quality at Providence

At Providence, quality is achieved through the processes we put in place, the personnel we hire and retain, and a culture of perseverance that drives us to become an industry-leading, high quality, contract manufacturer.

Quality starts with embracing solid quality management systems (exemplified by our ISO 9001) and a commitment to information security management (exemplified by our ISO 27001). Our current ISO 13485 certification, FDA and NMPA (formerly CFDA) registrations position us as a world-class supplier of medical and personal care products, and since we are also IATF 16949 and VDA 6.4 certified, the global automotive market is also clearly in focus.

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Engineering Expertise

We excel in the development of mechanical and electro-mechanical systems involving plastics, pumps, motors, and electronics. In addition to consideration for Design for Excellence, we are highly experienced in Design for Manufacturing. Our core engineering experience centers around pump and motor development and working with our customers to collaborate on best design for their product application. Designing and Developing products for efficient and consistent manufacturing, cost effectiveness and quality production is our specialty.

Engineering expertise includes the following:

  • Injection Molded Plastics & Rubber Compression Molded Part Expertise

  • Pumps & Motorized System Support

  • Electronics (PCBA) & Software Development

  • Extensive Sub-Assembly & Finished Good Assembly Experience

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