Medical Device Contract Manufacturing — When Less is More

Medical Device Contract Manufacturing — When Less is More

In the highly competitive industry of medical devices, outsourcing is almost required to stay ahead. Its benefits are evident — multidisciplinary expertise, cost savings, flexibility, expansion, reduced risk, increased innovation, and quality assurance to name just a few. As a highly competitive industry, there is a plethora of medical device contract manufacturers available in all sizes. What size will suit you best?

Is Bigger Always Better?

It’s easy to find large medical device contract manufacturers. Their high-volume marketing budget allows them to promote their services world-wide and with an excessively large customer base they may be a “household name.” Some are industry giants! But bigger may not always be better for the majority.
Efficiency is a requirement of all contract manufacturers, but when the outsource provider is large, they do not have the luxury of catering to their customer’s individual’s needs. The mere volume of customers they handle hinder their ability to customize services and provide flexibility in the manufacturing process. Accordingly, the larger the medical device contract manufacturer is, the more likely they are to dictate how things will be done for their customer. Unfortunately, that may mean that the customer must accept something, whether it be the process, time frame, or end result, that does not meet their specific needs. Moreover, the larger the company, the greater the bureaucracy and the slower they are to react. This adds to an increase in customer service disconnect causing an decrease in customer satisfaction.

Get More With Less

Medium sized medical device contract manufacturers like Providence Medical, provide their customers with the greatest opportunity to utilize the strengths available with a larger company while maintaining the smaller company’s customer service oriented mentality. They are a subsidiary of Providence Enterprise, an award winning world-wide company whose multidisciplinary expertise benefits the medical device industry. They are focused on quality control and offer:

  • Customer focus
  • Lower cost structure
  • Agility and speed

Providence comprehends the importance of communication and works to establish open communication with their customers.Experts in the medical device industry, they are in touch with the market, provide forecasting capabilities, and hold quality assurance and customer care as their priority.

From design to delivery, Providence is ready to take on your next contract manufacturing project. What can we do for you?